POL011 E-Learning Policy



This policy provides details regarding the use of a learning management system for Integrative Attachment Therapy (IAT)


This policy applies to all staff and students using learning management systems at IAT. IAT offers courses globally in person, via blended learning and online.



IAT uses an online Learning Management System (LMS), Kajabi, to deliver course content to students and to provide access to online resources.

Any maintenance or IT-related work affecting the LMS will be conducted at a time least likely to cause any disruption to students or staff.

All users of the LMS must accept and comply with IAT’s IT policies as a condition of use.

LMS is the primary point of access for electronic learning resources.

Use of LMS allows IAT to integrate online elements to courses that are primarily delivered face-to-face and which allows:

  • A secure online point of contact between lecturers and students.
  • An online tool to support timely correspondence and feedback
  • Continual access to up to date course content and learning resources
  • Online student support mechanisms in addition to face to face services

Students are responsible for ensuring that they have the minimum technology requirements to complete online courses, including access to a computer and printer and a stable Internet connection.

It is a requirement that every person who accesses IAT’s LMS must have authorised access as an account user. Authorised accounts for staff are approved by the Managing Director. Authorised accounts for students are issued upon enrolment and are for the sole use of that student.

All user accounts are created for one person, this nominated person is responsible for that account.

Users are responsible for all activity from their account.

If a user feels their password has been compromised, it must be changed immediately.

Users are not permitted to authorise others to log in using their account.

Users are prohibited from using another users account.

IAT will take reasonable steps to protect its IT facilities from unauthorised and unacceptable use.

IAT may take remedial action and suspend user access with or without prior notice in response to suspect breaches of this policy.


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POL011 E-Learning Policy

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Managing Directors, November 2023

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November 2026

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