POL010 Student Misconduct Policy


Purpose & Overview

This policy has been created to outline the management of student misconduct at Integrative Attachment Therapy (IAT), outlining the investigative process and management process.


This policy applies to the management of allegations of student misconduct.


The policy is pursuant of the Student Code of Conduct


Students are expected to adhere to behavioural standards as set out in the Policies and Procedures and Student Code of Conduct. Student misconduct can be managed through formal or informal interventions.

Informal interventions

Behaviours that may be managed by staff include, but are not limited to:

  • rude or demanding communication with staff that is an isolated incident
  • disrupting a class or seminar

Staff may give reasonable directions to students and may direct a student verbally or in writing to cease or modify concerning behaviour. A record should be maintained of any informal interventions. Informal interventions should be educative, may remind students of their obligations under the Student Code of Conduct and may include information about relevant support services.

Formal Interventions

Allegations of student misconduct deemed above an informal intervention which may be managed routinely by local staff, may be reported to the Managing Directors.



IAT may commence investigations and disciplinary procedures to students that breach this policy.


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Document Name

POL010 Student Misconduct Policy

Approved by

Managing Directors, November 2023

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November 2026

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